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Infant Classroom

Newborn-16 months

Our Infant classroom range from Newborn to around 16 months, At Butterflies & Butterflies we strive towards each and every Infants needs.   Social and Developmental skills are very important at these ages therefore, We strive to work one on one with each infant. We provide a comfortable and inviting environment so your infant feels safe and loved. Communication is essential therefore, we  make sure you always know about your child's experiences, personal care and development every single day. We Are currently enrolling in this classroom.


Toddler Classroom

Ages 16 months to 3 years

 In our Toddler Classroom begins at age 16 months, we provide a structured environment, as much as possible when working with this age. Butterflies & Dragonflies strive in this classroom to get our Toddler's potty trained, teach social skills, work with Physical & Cognitive Development. During Circle time, we work on A,B,C's and numbers, sing songs, we teach them about Personal hygiene, Manners, different cultures, animals, etc. We like to use sensory activities  while incorporating into art & craft time. We also hold parent teacher conferences two times a year in the Spring and the Fall with your child's Teacher and you to go over your child development towards becoming a Pre-Schooler. This class currently is FULL.


Pre-school Building

Ages 2.5 through 4.5 years

Our pre-school classroom (Building) is based on literacy and math routines that prepare children for Kindergarten. Our pre-schooler's connect each morning in circle time, explore in Science and Math and learn about social & emotional skills. We also enjoy free play with songs, dance, arts and crafts.  We do hold parent teacher conferences two times a year in the Spring and in the Fall, to go over the goals of your pre-schooler. We teach the children responsibility and accountability, at meal times through Family Style meals where they  practice patience and taking turns.   This Class is currently Accepting new Enrollments.


Pre-Kinder/Schoolers Classroom

Ages 4.5 to School Ages

This classroom is starting at pre-k age through school age. Preparing For kindergarten and also caring for school aged children. During the school year we are focusing on early literacy, learning emotional & social skills and setting individual goals for each child. Our classroom is set up to provide learning for all children and making it fun and enjoyable.

During the summer months we provide a ten week schedule full of all types of activities connecting with early literacy, learning math, experimenting with science and attending field trips, attend local children's movies and participate in the lunch program in local parks. Our lesson plans are based upon themes each week and the children will do fun activities based on that theme.   We hold parent teacher conferences so that we can go over goals for the year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall, We feel it is important to work as a team with our parents so achieve these goals. This class is now accepting Pre-K Students.